10 Valuable Lessons I Have Learned From My 5 Year Relationship

I never had a good example of a healthy relationship.

My relationship “toolbox” was not only empty — it had some rust and dents to it. Over the years, I have added a few wrenches and screwdrivers here and there by reading books, going to counseling, and enduring one or two broken hearts.

Even when I was absolutely clueless as to what constituted a healthy relationship, I was certain that I never wanted to settle for anything less than love and mutual respect. Not even for a split second have I stepped foot into today’s casual hook-up culture nor have I ever entered into a relationship that I did not truly value and envision going places. I was not always right about the men I have dated — as a matter of fact, I was wrong every single time until 2013 — the year I met Dan Kim.

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