My Pre-pregnancy Plan

I was 23-years-old when I became pregnant for the first time.

Youth was on my side.

I made my best attempt at creating a stress-free and healthy pregnancy, but most of my efforts began after conception. This is something I would like to approach differently the next time around.

Here is my plan for preparing for Baby Kim #2:

No Alcohol

Alcohol is a neurotoxin and has been scientifically proven to affect female fertility. My son, although planned, was conceived in the midst of my birthday month — generous amounts of Malbec were consumed. Alcohol has also been recently proven by a global study to be unsafe to drink in any amount. I plan to cease all alcohol consumption for three months prior to conceiving again to detox my body from that delicious devil’s water.

Strictly Vegan

Prior to conception, I was still consuming an occasional slice of Costco pizza or scoop of ice cream. Dairy causes an over production of inflammation in the body which can cause heart disease, harm to your gut bacteria, and inhibits your restful sleep amongst other things. Pregnancy requires an obscene amount of physical energy. Physical energy that should not be spent on breaking down inflammatory foods such as antibiotic and hormone laden dairy products. I have completely ceased consumption of dairy since my son was born and I plan to continue this permanently for the benefit of my family’s health, our planet, and the animals.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

I was out of shape when I became pregnant. I was thoroughly enjoying my summer and overwhelmed with my studies and odd hospital shifts. I did not prioritize exercise and I paid for it during my entire pregnancy. My muscles were ill prepared to support the 29 pounds I gained and I was in constant pain. During active labor, I had very little core strength to push my son out for those three tortuous hours. My postpartum physical recovery was also hindered because I had very little muscle, extra fat, and my bones and tissues were depleted from birth and breastfeeding.

Detoxified Home

There are an innumerable amount of toxins in our homes. Especially in our bedrooms and bathrooms. I am currently in the midst of detoxifying our entire home by:

  • Buying Organic and chemical-free bedding
  • Using HEPA air purifiers
  • Buying a Non-PVC shower curtain
  • Moved into a carpet-free home
  • Avoiding pet dander
  • Using all-natural cleaning agents (distilled vinegar, water, and lemon)
  • Adding air-purifying plants 🌱
  • Buying humidifiers, amongst other things.

Cleaning My Emotional ‘House’

I do not know if one is ever truly ready to become a parent. But I felt I was ready as ever, and I was right. I was ready because I had started putting my mental health first. I had started practicing genuine self-love. There was still much left to learn, however, and I had to learn some difficult lessons while pregnant. Difficult lessons that brought me a lot of stress and emotional hardship. I truly believe that while in utero, babies experience any emotion that their mothers experience. How could they not when you are connected to them in every way? I can not control what happens in life but I can design the circle of people I keep myself amongst. Before getting pregnant again, I plan to shed the unnecessary and solidify my emotional and mental well-being.

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