10 Newborn Products That Will Get You Through The Fourth Trimester

If you are expecting — you are probably experiencing mild anxiety about all the things you have to buy in order to prepare for your baby’s arrival. The honest truth is that you really need very little for those first few months. The “fourth trimester” is challenging. You and your partner will be at your absolute physical, mental, and emotional worst all while being blissfully in love with your new tiny peanut.

Here are the 10 items I couldn’t live without during that time:

1. Boppy

The hype is real, ya’ll. This pillow was everything for us for the first four months of our little one’s life. Machine washable. Lightweight. Comes with a travel case.


2. Nose Frida

A magical invention from Sweden that allows you to hygienically and swiftly remove the ‘stuffies’ from your little one’s nose.

3. Come Tomos

Looks like a boob. Feels like a boob…sorta. Easier to clean than Dr. Brown’s. Slow flow for anti-colic. Made with heat resistant, 100% BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free silicone.

4. ‘Earth Mama’ Organic Nipple Butter

It takes awhile for your nipples to get used to being chewed on. And until then, cracked and bruised nipples and blebs are going to be a thing. I preferred this baby-safe, buttery cream over Lasinoh a million times over. No petroleum, parabens, or lanolin.

5. HALO Sleepsack

Our little one would always wake himself up with the startle reflex. This sleepsack took care of that problem completely and the day we had to retire it (as soon as he could roll over on his own) was a sad one indeed. 100% cotton and the safest way for your little peanut to sleep because back really is best.

6. Burt’s Bees Organic Baby Mittens

Absolute must-haves. All newborns seem to want to do with their teeny hands is scratch at their face with their razor sharp fingernails. Hardly a day went by over the first 2-3 months without these on to protect our little one’s face. Tip: Buy multiple packs, these tend to get dirty quick.

7. GRASS Drying Rack

So simple yet incredibly genius. Air dries all your tiny intricate baby bottle pieces, pacifiers, breast pump parts and accessories that you will be cleaning a million times a day.

8. Bambini & ME Baby Wrap

During those first few months, your little one will be happiest skin-to-skin with mama at all times. This wrap always stayed on me whether I was running errands or lounging around the house. It is so soft, pliable, and offers a closeness that the ergo never could.

9. Fisher Price Rock N’ Play Sleeper

I do not know if we could have survived without this contraption for the first few months. There were many weeks where it was the only place our little one would sleep for more than 10 minutes. It’s worth every cent.

10. SHNUGGLE Baby Bath Tub

For the first couple of months, bathing our little one in the sink felt a little dangerous and even more awkward. This slip-resistant, portable, and grippy baby tub allowed us to feel safe and confident while giving baby a scrub down. And it doesn’t hurt that it is so easy to clean.

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